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A 2-minute daily boost to introduce you to various aspects of diverse fields like Robotics, Virtual world, Electronics, Machine Learning, Drones, Launch Vehicles and many more.

Why Techshots?

A Lot of people in our society are lacking the initial push to pursue something or many people are not really aware of what they want to pursue. Our plan is to provide people with a basic idea about topics in various fields to the users, using which one can identify their field of interest and pursue it. Following up with this from time to time makes you an All-rounder by providing you with basic information from various fields of technology.

Around 170 students from the campus of IIT Madras will be working on these Techshots to provide you with articles of top-notch quality and are designed to be as compact as possible while covering the basics of the topic. These are intended only to share knowledge and to keep you updated with inventions, theories, data, and many more in all the areas of technology. These will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week.

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